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Monday, 30 July 2012

Kimono piece........

Floral moths by ohmisterfinch
A small piece of kimono silk really thin and fragile was used for these.
It was a bit fiddly trying to get 3 wings out of the embroidered section but just managed it.
From thick oil painted canvases to thin delicate silk these little creatures lend themselves so well to different mediums.

Oil painting..........

Moths amde from an old oil painting. by ohmisterfinch
These moths are made from an old oil painting.
when I first saw it it was in a real state and I nearly didn't get it as I thought it was a bit to damaged.
The painting had holes ,rust and the frame had punctured through the canvas.
However I'm glad that I did pick it up and after a dust,gentle wash and strengthen with thick cotton I was able to make these little babies.
The painting was of a rock out to sea with looming storm clouds and seagulls.
I finished it with a Matt varnish to keep the paint from flaking off.
A very satisfying project as I hate things being thrown away that have life in them. I especially like all the nails holes that I left after it was removed from the frame.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Something big and swan-y this way comes.....

Big Textile swan by Mister Finch by ohmisterfinch
This has to be the biggest textile piece I have made by far.
I hope that you can get a scale of how big he is from the props as hes a bit of a monster.
Made the same way I make everything else just tons bigger with a ridiculous amount of stuffing.
Hes been really enjoyable to make but I don't think this is something I could make lots of as they are just so time consuming.
His beak is made from clay and has large beady eyes.Hes heavy but in a really nice way. Hes going to be for a display in a shop that's branching out into the fabulous city of York.
The Yorkshire soap Co are opening up a new store there within the next few weeks and Ive been busy making things for them. The two guys who run own the company have had a terrible time lately with the floods which have caused so much damage to both of their current shops.
However they have done it they are carrying on and opening up and fab new store.
I for one salute them,they are marvellous.

Friday, 20 July 2012


Finch is packed and off to Berlin for a few days!!
Its a mix of work and pleasure so will let you know how things go when I'm allowed to say...shhhhhhh.!
Not slept all night as have been so giddy!!
You know when you just want to walk around a new city and buy lots of postcards to keep for yourself,go to galleries and eat on benches.Oh!

Oh and look out for fabric too!
Will report back next week.........


3 Flower moths by ohmisterfinch
I love it when colours run on tapestry's.
Ruined by rain.
Loved by me.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Somedays you start sewing and you forget to feed the cat and you need reminding by ohmisterfinch
Somedays you start sewing and you forget to feed the cat and you need reminding!